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Why are you so excited for Halloween? It’s time to ditch your spooky costumes

By Laura Seitz-Wald/Bloomberg NewsRead morePresident Donald Trump is getting ready to celebrate Halloween in a way that’s far less offensive than usual: by using a brand of water purifying equipment to clean up after himself.

The president, who is also an avid skier, has reportedly bought more than 2,000 units of the Aquasol Water Purifier from China for the holiday, according to a Wall Street Journal report on Thursday.

In fact, Trump reportedly bought over a dozen units during his recent visit to the city of Phoenix, which is just north of the Mexican border.

It was the first time that Trump visited a city outside the U.S. that has a licensed Aquasolt product.

According to the WSJ, Trump bought Aquasols in the state of Arizona and purchased them from a company in Mexico.

It’s not the first use of a non-traditional water purification technology in the U of A’s winter festivities.

On Oct. 31, 2018, the university’s basketball team, which plays home games at Memorial Coliseum, took home a gold medal in the NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament for the first ever time.

Trump, who owns the Washington Capitals and the National Football League’s Washington Redskins, also purchased a brand new, custom-made water purifiers at the start of the year, according.