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Pure water has been distilled for a few weeks now and has made a big impression on the world, says the BBC

The BBC is reporting that a purified water company in Australia has been making its own water, and the company’s founder has told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) that it’s made “a lot of noise”.

The BBC reports that Purify Water has been working on its Pure Water brand for about a year.

The company claims that it has “the best of both worlds”.

According to the BBC, the company is making its water from a combination of minerals and water, which are purified through anaerobic digestion.

The water is then cooled to -200 degrees Celsius.

This is anaerobically digested water, according to Purify.

The name is a reference to the fact that it can’t be boiled or distilled.

However, the BBC notes that the company has not yet released the water, so we cannot be sure that it is actually purified.

We also cannot be certain that it actually contains a lot of water.

Purify has previously been criticized for using recycled water, but its PureWater brand is clearly not a recycled water brand.

Purify Water is owned by The Watersmith Group, which is run by the former head of the Water Technology Group at South Australia’s Powerhouse Power Station.

Powerhouse owns the Purify brand of bottled water.

The BBC report says that Purified Water is one of a number of Australian bottled water companies that have been operating since 2010, and that Purification Water’s Pure Water is a different company than Purify’s Pure Waters brand.

We reached out to The Watersmouth Group to ask about Purify Waters brand, but did not receive a response in time for publication.