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The latest in an ongoing trend of ‘water purification’ in Iraq

The U.S. military is preparing to deploy tanks and other equipment in Iraq to combat the growing threat of water pollution, officials told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview.

The U-2, U-3 and other reconnaissance planes are scheduled to deploy to the country this month to help provide air support for Iraqi forces in the battle to retake the Mosul Dam.

The military has been deploying such equipment in recent months to support Iraqi forces to retake Mosul Dam from ISIS and restore a functioning water supply system.

It is a significant expansion of the U.N.-backed U.K.-led effort to secure the dam, which was seized in January by ISIS and its allies.

U.A.E. forces are also planning to deploy in the coming weeks to secure water storage facilities and infrastructure that may be exposed to the threat of flooding.

U-boat and drone patrols are also expected to help secure water resources.

The United States is also ramping up efforts to assist Iraqi forces fighting ISIS in Mosul Dam and the nearby Sinjar region, a U.E.-led force spokesperson told Breitbart.

“The U.R.

A has deployed in Mosul and Sinjar and has been providing air support to Iraqi forces.

UAR [U.S.-led Operation Inherent Resolve] has deployed additional UAVs to Mosul Dam,” the spokesperson said.

“They are providing air cover for Iraqi air operations and conducting air strikes.”

The UAV deployed in the Sinjar area will continue to fly missions against ISIS, the spokesperson continued.

“As the U-R.F. is focused on securing Mosul Dam, we continue to work with the Iraqi Government to secure and protect water resources.”

The spokesperson did not provide any other details about the equipment that the UARS are deploying.

It was not immediately clear what type of equipment U.B.I. and U.P.

A will be deploying in Iraq.

UARS will have a limited role in Mosul dam, but it will be important to maintain a presence in the region, the UAS spokesperson said in the exclusive interview with Breitbart News.

The spokesperson said that UARS has the full support of U.F.-led coalition air forces in Mosul.

“UARS will operate in a similar capacity to other U.O.I.’s in the areas it is operating,” the UAR spokesperson said, referring to the UAU-backed U-Brigade and UAS.

“Our primary focus is on securing and protecting water resources, and we are providing the air support, as required.”

The Iraqi Army is also planning on installing a water purification plant in Mosul to meet the needs of residents who are dependent on drinking water for their daily lives, UAR and UAR-led forces said.

The project will be completed this month, the Iraqi Army told Breitbart in an interview.

“We expect it will cost at least $20 million,” the statement said.

It also noted that the plant is expected to be operational in the first half of 2018.

“It is expected that the project will generate enough water to cover half the city,” the Iraqi Air Force statement said, noting that “the operation will require approximately 40,000 people to dig, dig, drill, and dig again for water.”

A U.U.A.-led military source told Breitbart that the new water purifying plant will be located in the area around Sinjar.

“I think it’s a very good idea.

We can’t wait until the UBrigades take over and have a monopoly on water, but we are working with the UU to make sure we can supply Mosul’s water needs,” the source said.

An U. UAA-led military official said that the plan is to install the water purifiers, pumps, valves and other infrastructure to protect Mosul Dam in the months ahead.

The source added that the construction of the facility is expected by the end of the year.

A UAR source told us that the dam is under threat from ISIS fighters who are using water to fuel their war machine.

“ISIS is using water as fuel for their weapons,” the senior UAR official told Breitbart, adding that the Islamic State has been “waging war on Mosul Dam for the past year.”

The Islamic State is using Mosul Dam to supply fuel to their war effort and is now planning to use it as a staging ground to launch their next offensive in the Middle East, the source told our source.

“These attacks are all planned to target Mosul Dam because it is one of the most important water resources for Mosul,” the official said.