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‘We’re all on this boat’: Water purifier manufacturer shows off water purifiers in India

India’s government has announced that it is launching a nationwide pilot project to roll out water purification machines for all residents in all towns and cities in the country, as part of the country’s ambitious National Water Policy.

The goal is to make India the cleanest country in the world, according to the National Green Tribunal.

In a bid to achieve that goal, India plans to use a variety of innovative technologies to clean up water, according the Water Ministry, including a water purifying tank, a water-filled balloon, a device to capture excess water from pipes, and a small pump that will take water from water tanks to homes and businesses.

The Water Ministry has said that the pilot program will last for three months, with the first batch of machines deployed to villages starting in December.

Water purification is already being implemented in some cities, including Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

The water-purification program, however, will be expanded to all communities, the Ministry said.

The government also announced that a total of 12,000 water purify machines will be deployed across the country.

This will be a pilot project, and water purifications will not be implemented immediately in the entire country, the ministry said.

[Image credit: Reuters] Water purifier manufacturers have long faced problems.

In February 2016, an Indian court struck down a water dispensing machine manufacturer, which had used an expired license to sell a water filter in the U.K. and other European countries.

In March 2017, a similar court ruled against a maker of water purizers in India, citing the company’s failure to provide adequate supply of water for the purification system.

In 2018, a manufacturer in India sued a water supplier, saying that the supplier did not provide adequate water for its water purificators, and the court ordered the supplier to pay damages.

In September 2018, the U-T San Diego School of Law in California sued a supplier of water machines in India.