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Why is the U.S. government paying $15 million to buy water purifiers?

After months of delays and budget cuts, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is giving states an ultimatum: Buy a water purification system, or you’ll lose your $15-million loan.

The FERC’s water purifying loan program is the biggest piece of a broader $1.5 trillion infrastructure package the Trump administration has proposed that aims to help low-income Americans save money on energy bills.

It’s part of the broader $5 trillion package Congress passed last month to help reduce the nation’s $4.6 trillion debt and deficit.

But it’s not clear if it will be enough to fund all of the $1 trillion infrastructure spending plan the administration is proposing.

The Obama administration spent a little over $1 billion in the first half of this year on a loan program for state and local governments that is designed to give low- and moderate-income families more access to cheap, reliable water.

The $15 billion loan program will be used to purchase about 5,000 units of the new water purifyr, said Dan Everson, an FERC spokeswoman.

That’s enough to provide one unit of the system for every 100 low- to moderate-level residents.

It would also buy enough water for roughly 1,400 households, or enough to meet about 1,000 people per day, according to a federal estimate.

The FERC said that the program is a pilot program.

The program was intended to provide relief to small- and medium-sized communities struggling to pay their bills, Everson said.

The Obama administration said it intended to buy the system with private money, and FERC is still reviewing the program.

But the Trump Administration has said that it wants to buy more than 1,500 units of each model.

The Trump Administration also wants to purchase more than 500,000 additional water purifies, but that is still under review, Eterson said.

The Trump Administration said it is also looking to buy at least 2,500 water purifers.

The Federal Energy Administration said that $2.5 billion of the loan will go toward buying at least 1,200 units.

The cost of that program is about $25 million per unit, Energiesaid.

The new water system also includes an automated irrigation system that will be installed in about 200 homes, Energy said.

It will also be installed on roads and in vacant land, and water will be drawn from the San Francisco Bay.