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A New York City water purifying plant is coming to life, says a spokesperson

A New Yorker is getting a purified water purification plant.

It’s the result of a collaboration between the City of New York and the Water Purification Systems Consortium, which is part of a program to help businesses improve the efficiency of their water treatment processes.

The Water Purifier project will be at the corner of Lexington and Washington streets, between Park Avenue and Broadway, where it will have an office.

The purification process involves removing the salt from the water, and then filtering it with chlorine, a disinfectant that is used to disinfect water supplies.

The purifiers will then be installed in public spaces to reduce air pollution, improve water quality and reduce the chance of a water-borne illness.

The city is partnering with PurifyNY, which has been operating in New York for years and has a reputation for clean water treatment, according to a statement from the Water Supply Board.

It says that in 2015 the water purifiers at Purify NY, located in the same building as the City Hall Water Purifiers, reduced air pollution and improved water quality for 1,200 customers.

The city expects the program will be operational by 2020.

The announcement comes just a day after the Water Board approved a new wastewater treatment program that is being implemented to increase efficiency of the city’s water supply.