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How to buy bottled water in Israel

A small Israeli town has been on a mission to ensure all its residents are drinking clean water.

The citizens of Mitzpe Shalom, in the northern Israeli region of Beersheba, have been making bottled water available at its main street, since the water purification plant that provides drinking water to the region was shut down due to the devastating earthquake last month.

The residents are concerned about the pollution of their water supply.

According to a recent poll, 80 percent of Israelis polled believe the country’s water is contaminated.

“It is a matter of concern.

If we don’t have clean water, we won’t be able to survive,” Mitzpen Shalom resident Gadi Cohen told The Jerusalem Times.

Cohen said he was not worried about the water being safe to drink, but he was concerned about how the water would taste.

“If we drink it with water from the tap, it will taste horrible,” he said.

“We’ve got to keep drinking water, because our water supply is very fragile,” he added.

The town’s water supply has been tested recently and found to be 95 percent pure.

“The water is pure,” said Mitzpet Shalom Health Minister Nitzan Sharansky.

“I can say for sure that there is no harmful substance in it.”

Mitzpe Shalom is located in Beershetia, an area that borders the Gaza Strip.

According the Israeli health ministry, the Gaza strip has the highest rate of diarrhea in the world.

According on its website, Mitzpit Shalom is home to more than 4,000 residents, including 1,600 in the water-purification plant.