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How to make a healthy water bottle

Drinking water purifiers are a great idea but they can be pricey.

Here we show you how to make one from scratch for less than $10.

What you need to know about the water purification processA filter or twoThe metal tankThe filter needs to be small and inexpensive to useIt needs to work for several yearsIt needs the right type of filterThe bottle has to be cleanThe filter is made from anodised aluminium, stainless steel or a similar materialA water purifying unit needs to fit into a standard water filter or a water purificator.

If the water is not clear, try a filter that is available in plastic bottles or plastic bags.

The filters can be made from stainless steel, aluminium or a plastic tube.

If you want to try the water filtration process yourself, you can buy a water filter kit from a supermarket or a kit that is made to fit your particular water filter.

Here are some useful links to help you get started:Water filter kit:What to look for in a water filterHow to buy a new water filterHow to make your own water filterThere are several types of water filters available, but we recommend the simplest and most effective is a filter with a metal filter.

This means that the filter is covered by a protective covering and it has to work without problems for several long years.

You can buy this kind of filter for as little as $10 or more, depending on the type of filtrator you have.

If the water you are purifying is cloudy, try using a filter made from aluminium or stainless steel.

A water filter that has been made to work in water with a clear colour is called a white filter, and has to last for several more years.

A filter that works in water that has a yellow tint is called an orange filter.

It has to withstand the same type of conditions as a white and an orange water filter, but it has a much better filtering capacity and is cheaper.

A black or white filter is sometimes also available for less, but this type is not as expensive.

You can buy filter kits that fit into standard water filters, but the only reason to do this is to use the water for drinking.

You should not buy filters that fit only into water purifications kits because you can get damaged water, so use a water source that is safe for your health.

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