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Water purifier with water filtration can help clean toilets

The Indian government has developed a water purification device that can help flush toilets clean themselves in minutes.

The device, developed by a Delhi-based startup, was developed with the aim of making water purifiers less costly and more efficient, according to a report in The Times Of India.

It is a device with a micro-filter that can be attached to the back of a toilet.

The water purifying device can be used by women or men and will cost about Rs 1,500 ($2,600).

The device can also be used in hot climates, such as Delhi, to make water purify water that would be sent to toilets to flush.

The product is being tested by the Delhi- based Water Foundation.

The water purifers are installed inside toilets to help the water to flow through them.

The filter helps to remove toxins that are produced during the purification process.

This will help to improve the hygiene of the people, according the company.

The company said the device is easy to install and does not require special expertise.

According to a study, water purificators are one of the most cost effective ways to reduce water consumption.

However, there are problems associated with this technology.

According to the report, the technology has not been tested in different climates or water resources.