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Water purifier in China to have ‘free’ USB ports

Water purifiers are becoming increasingly common in China, but only if you buy them at an industrial plant.

On Tuesday, a company called Chinese Industrial Water Purifier Technology Company Co Ltd.

will sell a new model of its water purifiers for consumers in the country, which can purify as much as 60 liters per hour at the most, according to local media.

The company said the new model has “free” USB ports that allow customers to plug in the devices and charge their devices.

“This new model is suitable for people who have an average consumption of around 50 liters of water per day, who can’t or don’t want to purchase a water purification unit,” the company said in a statement.

Water purifiers have become increasingly common among Chinese consumers.

According to a report by the state-run Xinhua news agency, there were around 20 million residential water purifying units in China in 2016, and another 30 million units for commercial use.

But these devices have been largely ignored in China.

Instead, they have been used in homes and offices to purify drinking water and wash dishes, according the report.

China’s water purging is increasingly seen as a form of political oppression, as many residents in poorer cities are not allowed to drink tap water, and have no access to the internet.

Some cities in the eastern city of Chongqing, for example, have had to ban outdoor water purifications.

One of the biggest challenges in making China’s water treatment plants more efficient is the lack of skilled manpower, and the shortage of technology that can turn water into wastewater.

In recent years, China has seen a surge in its use of renewable energy, including wind turbines and solar panels, to power some of the country’s biggest power plants.