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India and China sign deal to supply water to more than a million people

India and the People’s Republic of China have signed an agreement to supply more than half of India’s population with clean drinking water.

The deal, which was signed on Wednesday, will give more than three million people access to clean water for four months starting from December 1, 2018.

The two countries will supply water for 1.4 million households and about 2 million households each, according to a joint statement by the two governments.

The water supply agreement follows a six-month agreement in March between the two countries and the World Bank.

India and Beijing signed the deal on Wednesday at the border of the Chinese province of Zhejiang.

The agreement will see India supply around half of the country’s 1.8 million residents with clean water by 2021.

The first phase of the agreement includes supplies for the first two years of the scheme.

India has more than 30 million people.

China has around 6 million people and India around 600,000.

The plan is to extend the scheme to the whole country by 2022.

The announcement comes after China’s water security minister said it would allow about two million people to have access to fresh water for the next five years.