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How to get purified tap water delivered to your home

People in Melbourne, Australia, who have no choice but to drink tap water that is contaminated with salmonella bacteria, are asking a court to force the city to make the water safe for them.

The residents of Melbourne’s CBD and surrounding areas are concerned that contaminated water may harm their health and lead to illness, according to ABC News.

The city of Melbourne has a strict water filter that is supposed to clean the water, but the tap water has not been tested, so many residents are concerned the water could have salmonellosis.

The City of Melbourne is asking a Melbourne Supreme Court judge to order the city’s drinking water supplier, SNS Group, to clean up the contaminated water in the city, according the ABC.SNS Group has been ordered to clean tap water for at least a week, and the company will not be fined for not doing so.

The company is expected to start cleaning water at 10am on Sunday, May 11, according SNS’s website.ABC News has contacted SNS for comment.

In addition to the salmonelosis risk, Melbourne residents are also concerned about the cost of clean water delivery.

ABC News has been unable to contact SNS about costs of the water delivery service, but it is not clear how much it would cost to deliver a liter of purified water.

The people in Melbourne are asking for an injunction to force SNS to clean their water.ABC local News’ Ben Collins contributed to this report.