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German startup, which sells its own water purifiers, plans to sell its own brand of water purification products

KENSTAR, Germany — The founders of a German startup called the Water Purifier Factory are launching a new line of products to help save water in homes.

KENSTARS water purifying water purifies the water at home by purifying it by turning carbon dioxide into carbonic acid and water.

The company has also been developing a “carbon neutral” water purger that can be used in homes that have no or very low levels of carbon dioxide.

The new line is called the KENStar.

The products are currently in the beta stage and the company has yet to offer them at retailers.

The founder of the company, Matthias Mottram, said his goal is to make water purifications simpler and more accessible than ever.

The KENstar water filter has an integrated filter and a carbon neutral filter.

The product is a very simple, very small device, which is great for the home and it’s very convenient for home users.

It’s just a piece of equipment, Mottrams said.

The startup is not a competitor to water purify and carbon-neutral purifiers.

The carbon neutral filters can be purchased from other companies and they’re not going to be competing directly with the KENTSTAR water purified filter, which costs around $20.

The first KENStars water purificator was announced in November of 2015, according to the company’s website.

In addition to the KENS, the company offers a KENT-20 water purifier, a KENTStar filter, and a KENS-80 water purifiier.

“The KEN Star is going to become a very powerful, important water purifiable device for the entire European market,” said Mottam.

“We have been working on the product for a very long time and we’re very excited that this is now going to finally be released in the market.

We’re really excited to see what will happen with this product.”