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Water purifier dust, water supply, and other issues

Water purifiers are often the source of problems for water systems, and some cities are trying to address the issue with smart technology that will make sure they don’t happen again.

The Wall Street Magazine reports that California’s City of Sacramento is considering a smart water purifying device that can collect the waste from the air and send it to a facility that will flush it out, but the technology is currently under development.

The device could also be used to make sure there’s no waste from a water purification system in the city.

The city has already tested the technology on its own wastewater, and the technology should help in other situations, too.

The device would only capture water in a small volume and not all of it, and it would use sensors to track the water quality.

According to the magazine, the city has been working on the project for a year, and hopes to release the device next year.

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