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What is Horizon’s purification water system?

Horizon’s purified water purifiers are an integral part of the water purification system.

It is also used in the hospital and in homes, and the water is purified into drinking water and used to flush toilets and disinfect food and drink.

The water is then used to treat sewage and industrial waste and is then filtered through the system before being sold to other countries.

The company, which also manufactures chlorine disinfectants, is a key player in the water sector in China, and is one of the few to use purified water to treat industrial wastewater.

Horizon is also the world’s largest water purifying company, with about 500,000 employees worldwide.

The US Department of Energy has called Horizon “a leader in the rapidly growing field of advanced water purging”.

Horizon purifies water at its factories in Guangzhou, China, in 2017.

It also supplies drinking water to more than 100 countries.

Al Jazeera’s Mark Cianci reported from Shanghai.