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Amway’s water purifiers are more efficient, cost less

A new study shows that a water purification machine that sells for $2,499 can deliver the same level of water purifying capacity as one that sells at $15,000.

The study was done at a facility in South Dakota that serves as a pilot for the company’s water filter.

The company also released an updated version of the machine that offers lower prices and less power.

The Amway machine sells for about $8,000, while the pricier version costs $14,000 to $18,000 and offers the same levels of water-purifying capacity.

But the company said it didn’t include the price tag in its price comparison because the new machine is “a very significant upgrade over the old one.”

The new machines are also smaller and more compact.

The machines are cheaper to manufacture and are more affordable for consumers.

They are also more environmentally friendly, the company noted.

The machine is also easier to clean and it takes about one hour to wash.

The new water purger is more efficient than the one Amway sold for $15 a year ago, the report says.

Amway says the machines are designed to be water puritical, not energy efficient, but the company doesn’t have data to support the claim.

The report says the new machines have improved efficiency from one-third to one-half.

It’s not clear if the efficiency increase is due to the machine’s new design or other factors, but it’s important to note that the study is not designed to prove that the machines have the highest efficiency.

It is important to understand the overall efficiency of the water purging process, the researchers say.

They note that a typical Amway water filter has a capacity of about 7.2 liters of water.

The paper says the machine can filter about 15 liters at a time.

But it’s not known how efficient the machines’ filter is at producing enough water to meet the company or the water needs of customers.

A comparison of two Amway machines, one with and one without an energy-efficient filter.

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