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Jetstream, a Jetstream branded water purifying device, has arrived in Australia, according to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (ABC News)

Google News: Jetstream water purifiers Google News Google News A Jetstream brand water purification device, manufactured by the company Jetstream Water, was recently introduced to Australia.

The Jetstream product comes with a ‘pure’ Jetstream name, and features an ‘Aero’ water purging device designed to remove the ‘salt’ from the water that is collected from the shower.

“Our product is an affordable, reliable and environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional water purifications,” the Jetstream spokesperson said in a statement to the ABC.

The spokesperson added that Jetstream would be adding the Aqua to their existing range of water purificators.

“We are also working with the water and air pollution watchdog to ensure we are abiding by the relevant regulatory requirements.”

Jetstream is one of the largest water purists in the world.

The company is based in Australia’s Queensland state.

Jetstream’s Aqua water purifies water using an advanced hydroelectric system that is designed to capture up to 95 per cent of the salt ions from the air.

The Aqua water is filtered by a pressure-control valve to remove salts and other contaminants from the system, according the JetStream website.

A new Aqua water filtration system has been introduced to provide water purifyrs with a more environmentally-responsible option, the Jet Stream spokesperson said.

The new Aqua system will cost $1,000 and comes with an automated filter that will filter 100 per cent clean water.

The water purizers have a range of options, including filters that can filter out toxins and pollutants, such as sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and lead, as well as harmful microorganisms and bacteria.

The jetstream water filter also includes an ultraviolet and infrared filter, according Jetstream.

JetStream Aqua water filter The JetStream Aqua water filter is designed for use in domestic and commercial settings.

The filter is made of glass and comes in three colour options: Blue, Green and Purple.

The product will be available for purchase from the Jet stream online store starting on October 18, the spokesperson said, adding that customers will have the option to purchase a Jet Stream Aqua system for $999.

The customer will have to pay a $50 deposit upfront to buy the Aqua filter.

The cost will be $299.99 for the standard Aqua system, and $599.99 on a JetStream branded Aqua filter.

Jet Stream Aqua water filters can be used in residential and commercial water purist settings.

There are currently a number of Jetstream Aqua water filtering products on the market, with the most popular models being the Aqua, Aqua 3 and Aqua 2.

Jet stream Aqua products will come in two colours: blue and green.

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