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Is it true the Detroit Red Wings have never used purified water?

It was just last summer that the Red Wings first announced they were using purified water for their water supplies.

The Detroit Red Wing website has since removed the statement and instead said the team will use purified water during its regular season.

Since then, the Red Wing’s season has gone through many changes.

With the Red Sox and the Philadelphia Flyers also using purified, they are now expected to start using it this season.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are also expected to use purified in their season opener against the Washington Capitals on Friday.

But the Red Wings are not the only NHL team using purified.

The Washington Capitals also have a purified water supply in their locker room.

They have used it in the past for training, and they’ve also been known to use it for ice cream.

The Red Wings and Red Wings fans are in for a treat in the coming days.

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