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Which water purifier is right for you?

BDO purified water purifies water with a proprietary blend of water purifying agents, including sodium nitrite and sodium chloride, which are both highly effective at reducing pH levels and removing harmful bacteria.

The water purification process also removes waterborne viruses such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium, as well as waterborne protozoa such as salmonella and salmonellosis.

BDO’s Pure Water Purifier is priced at £1,299, and is the cheapest option for a BDO water puriter, according to the brand.

However, it comes with a hefty price tag, as it only purifies 50ml of water per day.

The brand is also no stranger to controversy, with claims of the water purger being linked to the deaths of five children in Australia.

In August, a Queensland judge ruled that BDO was liable for the deaths because of “ill-founded and highly irresponsible” claims made in its marketing materials.

The court found that the water company’s marketing material had been misleading and that the company had not acted with reasonable care in protecting the public.

In December, the Queensland High Court dismissed the case.

However it is not clear whether the Queensland court will rule on whether BDO should be held liable for those deaths.