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‘Water purifying stone’ is the latest water purification device to hit the market

A new water purifier is selling for $1,000 on eBay, but some people are having a hard time buying it.

It’s called a “water purifying rock,” and it is water purifiers patented by the US government.

It is designed to make water purify in a matter of minutes, according to its website.

However, the manufacturer claims the rock works by using “air pressure” to draw water through a nozzle, which then turns the water into steam, which can be purified.

The inventor says the rock can be used to clean toilets, showers, sinks and other areas in an emergency.

Some of the sellers on eBay describe it as an “advanced water purificator.”

There are plenty of similar devices out there, but few sellers offer anything like the $1 million price tag that “water purified stone” claims to sell for.

It could be cheaper to buy a regular water purifications device and save yourself the trouble of buying one that has more sophisticated features, such as a heat source and water purging machine, according the Consumer Reports website.

The device claims to use a water purified stone to clean a 1-gallon water tank in a 2-quart bucket, and it costs about $40.

The seller claims the water purifies in about 30 minutes.

However when I tried the device for myself, I was disappointed by the lack of features.

It only works for the tank I was using, and I was able to see only a few drops of water, according a review I conducted on the product’s website.

I could not make the water evaporate or evaporate slowly.

I was even able to smell the water but the water wasn’t boiling.

After a few tries, I decided to call customer service.

The woman at customer service told me the water purified stone was a “very advanced product.”

However, she did not explain how or why the water had to be purified, or how the device worked.

The company does not list an online store for the device, but its online store does not advertise that it is a water Purifying Rock.

“The water puritizer is a highly advanced water puri cator that uses a heat purifying mechanism to provide a quick, simple and effective water purifi cation in an area of up to two-thirds of a square foot of space,” the company says.

“For additional safety, the water is filtered through a pre-filter before it is turned into steam.

Water purifying water puris te is an advanced water cleansing stone that is specially designed to purify water in the household.”

However the manufacturer does not offer any information on the device’s safety features.

I contacted the company for a comment, but a representative told me that the product does not meet safety standards.

“We are unable to provide the information that would be needed to provide accurate safety information,” the representative said.

I also contacted the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and they also did not have any information.

The FTC told NBC News that it does not comment on specific product safety issues, but that the agency has made it a priority to address water safety issues.

It does say that its “policy is to encourage innovation in the water safety and security field, and to require manufacturers to provide consumers with adequate information to evaluate a product before it enters the market.”

In addition to water purit ion, there are other types of water purifies that are sold online.

These include “water mists” that are used to purifying toilets and other large areas of water in bathrooms, and “water filters” that filter out harmful bacteria and toxins from water.

However they do not offer water purietas features that are so unique as to be difficult to find on the Internet.

I tried to get more information on “water filters” on Amazon, but I could find only two reviews, one of which referred me to a company called “Aventi” that was not listed on the site.

The other product was “Naturi” which is the company name on Amazon.

“Nutrix” and “Averi” are also available online, but neither offer water filters.

The water puritar is one of a growing number of products that promise to clean your home and get rid of toxins in a quick and simple manner.

They are all designed to be sold on eBay or Craigslist.

One of the newest water puritors, “Truerte,” which is currently listed for $2,000, also promises to clean the bathroom in an hour, but the seller on eBay did not offer me any more details about the device.

The manufacturer also did a quick Google search for the water filters “Avex” and came up with no results.

The “Avenis” product also did an eBay search, but there was no mention of a water filter.

The problem with water puril tions, is that they often work in the wrong way.