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The New Orleans Police Department has released a photo of a water purifying device used by New Orleans police officers. The device is described as a device that can be used to clean water. Aquafit is a company that manufactures water purifiers that sell for $2,000 to $5,000 per unit. Water purifier is a term used in the water purification industry to refer to the water-purifying equipment used to filter water for drinking or bathing purposes. According to the company’s website, the Aquafit Aquafil® water purifies water to a level that prevents it from entering the human body. This device was reportedly manufactured by Aquafite Inc. and sold in January 2016. While Aquafitt is not a major player in the industry, it is a major manufacturer of water purifications, according to a 2014

by The New York Times.

“It’s a major, big company,” said Robert C. Smith, a former director of the Office of the Inspector General for the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Smith said it was not clear how many people in New Orleans were exposed to the tainted water.

He also said it did not appear to be an isolated incident.

After the initial reports came in, the city released a statement saying, “The water supply was tested on January 6 and tested positive for the presence of E. coli.”

A spokesperson for Aquafits spokesperson said the company was working with city officials and the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals.

However, the company has not confirmed the specific samples tested.

If you live in New York, you can get water purifiying kits from the Aquafease website.